Poez videos date from September 2, 1977, the summer of the 25-hour New York City Blackout and the release of the original Star Wars. St. Mark’s Poetry Project featured Poez in archival video recordings of the leading poets of the day. Poez is the only one not holding a text. When invited to participate, Poez had been in New York for just two months. At that time, video cameras were the size of a refrigerator, and required a sound stage and specially-trained camera operators, as well as either commercial sponsorship, or an art foundation grant. The Poez video archive includes dozens of videos, live and studio, solo and in collaboration with other musicians and video makers. The selections on this page change from week to week and are only a small sample. Many more are to be found on various other platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Vimeo, and YouTube. This week’s [April 15-22, 2018] selections are Astaire Aloft, a collaboration with jazz composer and painter Mark Kostabi, also featuring Ornette Coleman; St. Mark’s Poetry Archive – 1977, the original Poez video; and Ulysses Says, the Greek hero’s version of his encounter with the mythic nymph Calypso. (For her side of the story, listen to the eponymous Suzanne Vega song.)