STAY LOOSE AND FAKE IT! Poez LIVE at the Bitter End

October 4, 2016, Poez appeared at New York’s legendary Bitter End, accompanied by William Galison (harmonica); Paul Nowinski (bass); and Rick Shields (violin), with jazz composer and painter Mark Kostabi providing real-time production assistance. This is the result, taken directly from the house board without remixing, totally live.

Sleep With A Genius

Produced by Jackie Sheeler, former Poet Laureate of Riker’s Island, is readings and poetry all on a single topic, Poez’s former girlfriend (now wife), a noted singer-songwriter. All of the text comes from his Bowery Poetry Books anthology, The Poetry Dollars, which includes My Date With Suzanne Vega at Tom’s Diner. The cover photo is by Paul Mills, taken a few blocks from their home.

The Monotone

Recorded at New York’s landmark Artsider Studios, near Upper Broadway, Smoke, Columbia University and the C-Train.  The exception is one track, Spontaneous Combustion, recorded live at Folk City in Greenwich Village in the early 80s.

The New Wave Pizzeria/ Spontaneous Combustion

The lost 45 RPM vinyl single. There’s a box of them out there somewhere, but with all the moving, it’s been awhile since anyone has seen it. Released on Jasmine Records in 1981 by painter Lisa Bradley.

To hear a sample 30-second track, click on the album link below. Or use the site-wide player at the bottom of the screen, which has full-length tracks, and the selections change from week to week.

If you’d like a copy of any of these albums, email Or if you’re ever in New York, come to a Poez show.